I'm a 24 year old Canadian girl who loves the simple things in life. I love Harry Potter, Starkid, Anything to do with Harry Potter and Starkid, Glee, Hunger Games, Reading, Sunglasses, Coca-Cola, Movies, Friends, Video Games, Love, Cooking Shows, Flowers, Smiling, and lots more... but it's kind of hard to say it all in one go.

I've recently discovered i have a somewhat... well developed... Interest in quite a few YouTubers. Namely: Toby Turner, Missglamorazzi, Jason Munday, The Vlogbrothers, Philip DeFranco, CTFxC, Jack Douglass, Sean Klitzner, ApprenticeA/Eh, Chester See, Sawyer Hartman, and Alex Goot.

It's weird, I kind of go through phases on this blog, so you never know what you're gonna get when you come on here! If you take a look through my archive, I'm sure you will see groupings of different things :)

Drop me a line or ask me a question! I promise I'll reply to anything! Unless it's something really stupid... then you'll be sol :)

Unless otherwise stated, none of the gifs I use are made by me. I don't want people to think I'm 'stealing' their gifs if they are the ones who made them.

Oh, and even though I cosplay as a Ravenclaw student, I really think that deep down I'm actually a...



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Jason Munday: Pigeon Master

Jason Munday: Pigeon Master

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